Core Values

RELATIONSHIPS - Strive for interactions that build trust and promote open communication that nurtures mutual growth and development.

RELEVANCE - Maintain an environment where individual learner's success is the primary focus.

RESPECT - Honor the unique value of each individual by being open to diversity of thought and foster the capacity for everyone to contribute to a full exchange of ideas.

PERSEVERANCE - Be relentless in pursuit of learners' goals and dreams.

INTEGRITY - Promote honesty, truthfulness, reliability, and trustworthiness through thoughts and actions.

CELEBRATION - Rejoice in individual success and praise the success of others.

Program Description

THE RELEVANT ACADEMY is a tuition-free public school academy.  We invite learners who have formally dropped out of school to consider giving it another try as a member of our Academy. This learning experience is for 16-19 year-olds who are ready to start again and redefine themselves.

We see a need to serve a specific population of learners who have disengaged from traditional school, yet are willing to try something innovative and new.

WE BELIEVE that all people are natural learners, redefining school will redefine attitudes, and with enough support, all types of learners can achieve their goals.


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