What We Do

The Team Leader and Learning Coaches of Relevant Academy work collaboratively with one another to support  the overall needs of learners engaged in completion of the online curriculum in pursuit of a Michigan Merit diploma.  They provide immersion, mentoring, and support to learners. The Team Leader and Learning Coaches cultivate an authentic learning environment that is personalized to each and every learner. They create and maintain a culture that is positive, encouraging, and focused on graduating each student ready for college, work, and life. Both the Team Leader and Learning Coaches have experience working with high-risk populations and work creatively to meet  the unique needs of a diverse pool of students.

Confused? Don't worry. This will all be explained during your introduction. Just take this page to mean that we support learner success!


Staff Information

Relevant Academy

220 Lamson St, 3rd floor
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: 517-925-5450
Fax: 517-925-5459


Dominic Eldridge
Office Manager
Loretta Williams
Team Leader

Special Education

Diane Hyatt
Special Education Consultant

Learning Coach

Julia Przybyla-Kuchek
Diana Thompson
English, Social Studies

Support Coach

Leah Warner
Student Services Support Coach

After Hours Learning Coach

Michaelle Converse