Our Model

Our Model

Relevant Academy offers flexibility for when and how to learn.  The Academy format consists of online courses combined with face-to-face support and relationship skill-building for 21st-century life and its workforce.

Hybrid Learning Environment

Each Relevant Academy learner begins in a face-to-face learning environment and is required to be on campus until their weekly percentage of coursework is met.  This percentage is based on a personalized academic plan provided during the student/parent intake meeting. 

Life Skills for the 21st Century

Support time is spent learning and practicing relationship skills necessary for successful work and a happy life. These skills are delivered through community service hours in the learner's community.

Rigorous Content

Relevant Academy learners will have access to rigorous online courses to support achievement of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Valuable Tools for Computer Learning

Learners may have an opportunity to earn the privilege of borrowing an iPad to complete coursework if needed.  They also have access to learning coaches from home so they can receive the support they need, even when working from home.

Face-to-Face Support

Learners are supported by a Team Leader, Learning Coaches that are Highly Qualified in their content areas, and Mentors to motivate them to reach their goals. 



Staff Information

Relevant Academy

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Jennifer Varney
Program Director
April Delecki
Office Manager
Loretta Williams
Team Leader