About Us

About Us

Relevant Academy combines the development of relationship skills with online coursework because we know that content is not all that learners need to graduate high school and move successfully into the real world of life and work. Our system is designed for students to work with other students to accomplish their goals. As a requirement for graduation, learners will complete a Life Skills course, a program to help build self-confidence, strengthen people skills, enhance communication skills, develop leadership skills, and control worry and stress.


Learners work with each other, the Team Leader, Learning Coaches, Mentors and our team to set goals and accomplish them.

Student Centered

Have you noticed that many classrooms have a teacher at the front of the room and students in the back? That is useful when teachers teach a class. That is not how Relevant Academy works. Our classrooms are designed to serve the learning needs of our learners and they, therefore, are the center of our operation.