Commitments and Expectations

Relevant Academy strives to guarantee that all its learners have the opportunity for success through the support of our core values. We ask our learners to promise to have high expectations and to do all that they can to be successful in life. In order to achieve that success, we ask our learners to promise to do the following:

1. To do everything in your ability to provide for your success and the success of others at Relevant Academy by following the Learner Handbook and our core values.

2. To login to our system on a daily basis to maintain strong lines of communication with your mentors and online teachers.

3. To commit a minimum of 30  hours each week on course work, barring special circumstances.

4. To commit to being at the Relevant Academy campus focusing on course work until the minimum weekly percentage is completed. 

 5. Attend extra classes as necessary to assure learner success. 

6.  Actively engage in the online curriculum provided to ensure academic success. 

Staff Information


Jennifer Varney
Program Director
April Delecki
Office Manager
Loretta Williams
Team Leader

Special Education

Diane Hyatt
Special Education Consultant

Learning Coach

Julia Przybyla-Kuchek
Diana Thompson
English, Social Studies
John Ley

Support Coach

Leah Warner
Student Services Support Coach

After Hours Learning Coach

Khatrina Brazee
Physical Education, Health
Michaelle Converse