Our Learning Process


During enrollment, students will become accustomed to our online course software and meet with mentors to review academic plans and weekly goals.  The enrollment meetings will be held with the Team Leader and students may be expected to do pre-assessments after they are enrolled.

Virtual Learning

Students utilize online curriculum to meet their academic goals.  All courses are aligned with Michigan state standards and all requirements align with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.  Highly Qualified staff are on-site daily to assist students in areas of common core instruction.


The goal of Relevant Academy is to give students the tools they need to complete coursework toward a high school diploma and become successful in their lives once they leave our program.


Staff Information


Jennifer Varney
Program Director
April Delecki
Office Manager
Loretta Williams
Team Leader

Special Education

Diane Hyatt
Special Education Consultant

Learning Coach

Julia Przybyla-Kuchek
Diana Thompson
English, Social Studies

Support Coach

Leah Warner
Student Services Support Coach

After Hours Learning Coach

Khatrina Brazee
Physical Education, Health
Michaelle Converse