Michigan Merit Curriculum - Courses Provided

The courses that Relevant Academy Graduate Candidates need to earn credit toward their diploma is provided through online curriculum. In addition, our GCs have regular communication with teachers who provide the support they need to navigate through their courses.

Access to Current Technology

Relevant Academy GCs can request to loan technology to have access to their online coursework and to be able to check in daily with their teacher.

Staff Information

Relevant Academy

220 Lamson St, 3rd floor
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: 517-925-5450
Fax: 517-925-5459


Lauren Blakely
Program Director
Loretta Williams
Coordinator of Culture & Community
Leah Warner
College & Career Adviser

Special Education

Kandance Lavender
Special Education Consultant


Diana Thompson
English, Social Studies
Jay Marietti
Math and English Support

After Hours Learning Coach

Michael Graham
Physical Education, Health
Michaelle Converse